On 20th of June is the World Refugee Day.

This year we decided to symbolically make something different to raise awareness about this day and position of refugees in our society. While living a life of refugee or a migrant, people are facing many different obstacles, one of them for sure is finding a job and integration into the new community.

Development of technology is helping humanity in many aspects, therefore it can be helpful also in the integration and employability of refugees. During webinar you will have a chance to gain knowledge in “HOW TECHNOLOGY CAN HELP IN THE INTEGRATION AND EMPLOYABILITY OF REFUGEES ?”

In this webinar you could hear how people from Social Hackers Academy in Athens, the capital of Greece, empower and help refugees in gaining more experience in digital world by organizing computer literacy and coding courses.

FONDAZIONE DEI SORDI DI TORINO in Turin, Italy and an expert in D/deafness and sign language talked about the vulnerability of refugees with disabilities, what kind of challenges they have while looking for a job and what the organization is doing to help them.

Southern Africa Youth Project from Johannesburg, South Africa presented RITDHE project which stands for Refugee Integration through Dignity Health and Employability and is designed to offer a wide cross section of employability skills as a first step in the development of employment opportunities.

Finally Natakallam, a grassroot organization based on the other side of the Atlantic, talked about their platform and how they use technology to break the borders and create employment opportunities for stranded refugees.

Our Webinar Speakers

Webinar Presentations

Note: Due to technical problems, the presentation of Clifford from Southern Africa Youth Project couldn’t be completed.