ISTITUTO DEI SORDI DI TORINO – “Deaf migrants: two times foreigners” training

  • Pilot Trainings
  • DATE: 10th November 2018
  • PLACE: Via del Sacrificio, 1, 00142 Roma

Persons with disabilities make up around 15 % of the global population, and comprise a significant minority of refugees and migrants.
Deaf people are part of the one billion people in the world with disability who have experienced human rights issues due to discrimination, inequalities, and barriers to accessibility and participation in their home countries as well as in the context of forced migration.

The training was part of the Erasmus+ project, RITDHE: Refugee Integration through Dignity, Health and Employability (, which aims to improve the integration of refugees, via offering skills and opportunities for employability.
During the training, the staff of the Institute under the direction of Enrico Dolza, director of the Istituto and assistant professor of Special Education at the University of Turin and Laura Caporali member of the World Federation of the Deaf Youth, explain to the attendant how to deal with migrant/ refugees affect by disabilities.

The training was also the occasion to social worker dealing with migrants to improve their competence and to share good practices together.
During the training, the was also present some represented of Ergon association, an association dealing with deaf migrants helping them to find job and to be insert in the society.
Ergon association, brink some specifically example and good practices that the implement with the Istituto under the RITDHE project.