E 4 Employability

E4 is an employability model which is digitally based, E4 works by using a process of online skills assessment and assignments to help people develop their employability skills. In some cases this will lead to opportunities for digitally based work experience.

E4 has been adapted for the RITDHE project to allow partners access to resources which support enhancement of employability skills for those they are working with.

E4 provides customised skills audits for each partner in a range of languages and a series of skills assignments which are being developed to meet partner needs . These are available at basic, intermediate and higher level to provide access to the range of employability profiles that refugees and displaced persons bring to the project.

Local sponsorship is an aspiration but unlikely to be available for the timescale of the project. It is also acknowledged that in some situations refugees are prevented from working through legislation. What RITDHE aims to do is provide people with a record of their skills, an opportunity to further enhance skills and a sense of achievement which provides dignity.