1st Training of Trainers Meeting

A five day training programme and second transnational meeting was organised for the period 4th June to 8th June.
This took place in Luton, Bedfordshire, England.
23 participants attended face to face during the course of the four days of training. 5 people joined in the training virtually through the medium of GoToMeeting.

The objectives of the training were to build the capacity of partners and to plan for the delivery of pilot projects under RITDHE. The training focussed particularly on technical guidance for creating Dignity Diaries and exploration of the application of the Employability 4 model for improving the economic prospects of refugees,.

The programme was facilitated by Breda Leyne of ESquared, on behalf of CICUK, and there were contributions by Ian Golding of Glow Training, Ingrid Stellmacher of Le Menach Foundation Robin Lockhart of CICUK, and Antonella Kotsoni of IMKT. The project also connected with Aline Sara, CEO of NaTakallam, a New York based project which offers online employment to refugees.

Those who attended have been given the confidence to act in the capacity of train the trainer and this will be encouraged as part of replication and sustainability.

On the fifth day a partners meeting was held this was attended face to face by 6 representatives of the 8 partners and 3 joined in virtually. Only one of the partner organisations CCDO from Tanzania was unrepresented as they were unable to join virtually.